Human-friendly digital tools and easily implementable campaign processes to strengthen progressive organisations in Europe

Consulting services for digitalising campaign processes for parties and political campaigns.
Software solutions for the digitalisation of organisations.

Products & Services

Digital Party & Campaign Tools

Political technology takes campaigning to the next level. Campaign managers have more control; activists are motivated; politicians reach more voters directly; better access for decision makers. Canvassing, Phone Call Management, Activism Organiser – our tools have proven their reliability.


Data is more crucial than ever in campaigning, however, the challenges are often troublesome. Personally aware of this issue, we have designed a new data management platform. Our added benefits give full access to developers, self-explanatory filtering for campaign managers, efficient amount of data on dashboards.

Digital Voting Systems

It's inevitable that online voting is the future. We anticipate this accelerating rapidly – in fact, for Stateless this is already a reality. We have created easily adaptable tools for internal elections, local referendums and citizen participations.

Digital Transformation

The internet has hugely transformed political narratives. Thus requiring political organisations to conform digitally. As consultants, Stateless will provide the required tools and knowledge for this necessary transformation.

Why digitalisation?

More informed decisions

Decision-making backed by easy-to-read dashboards, notifications for action,  automated with data.

More voters mobilised

Have direct contacts ready to ensure enhanced mobilisation with personalised messages.


Through leaderboards and personal performance feedback, our activists feel more rewarded.

Automated processes

Automation helps reach goals by consolidating people and processes, while reducing costs.

About us

The founders of Stateless have spent years of dedication in politics and campaigning. With more than 8 years of experience each in the field of digital transformation, Márk, Miklós and Nándor decided to combine their knowledge and talent and create Stateless. Stateless is committed to utilising political experience and offering solutions to progressive organisations.

Márk Mezei
Organisation expert

With diverse experience in various digital transformation projects, Márk has a deep knowledge of introducing data-driven digital processes and products to organisations of various types. Formerly working for a market-leading digital agency, and as a Party Director of a political organisation.

Miklós Danka
Software development

As an expert of computer science and software development, Miklós is the technological mastermind behind Stateless’ tools. Formerly working for Palantir, Miklós contributed many digital solutions to different governmental and intelligence projects across the world.

Nándor Tóth
Marketing automation

Years of working on digital communications projects made Nándor an expert in communication technology and marketing automation. As a consultant at Accenture, and as a project manager at a digital agency, he helped with innovative marketing automation projects for international clients.

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